The Galileo G-80095BG telescope is mounted on an altitude azimuth yoke mount. It's easy to use up and down, left and right is great for beginners and casual star gazers alike. The G-80095BG includes a sturdy, fully adjustable, pre-assembled metal tripod featuring an accessory tray with slots to place 4 1¼" eyepieces or lenses and retractable rubber feet.
The G-80095BG optical tube assembly features an 800mm focal length. The primary mirror is 95mm in diameter and in mounted in a heavy duty mirror cell with push / pull collimation screws. The finder is Galileo's Mars-Eye Electronic Finder which helps by getting the observer behind the telescope without losing the surrounding field of view when targeting objects. Included with the G-80095BG are a 1¼″ 6mm eyepiece (40° apparent field of view), an 1¼″ 20mm eyepiece (52° apparent field of view), and a 2 element 3x Astroscopic Barlow. Lastly, the CBI Stellarium CD ROM brings skies over your home or anywhere in the world.

• 800mm x 95mm Optical Tube Assembly
• Diffraction limited Optical Tube Assembly (λ4)
• Altitude Azimuth Yoke Mount
• Slow Motion Altitude Adjustment Rod
• Fully Adjustable Heavy Duty, Pre-assembled Metal Tripod w/Accessory Tray
• Cassini Mars Eye Electronic Finderscope
• 1¼″ Helical Rack & Pinion Focuser
• 1¼″ 20mm Eyepiece
• 1¼″ 6mm Eyepiece
• 1¼″ 2 Element 3x Astroscopic Barlow
• Cassini Planetarium CD-ROM
• One Year Limited Warranty

Galileo G-80095BG 
M.S.R.P $ 199.95

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