The Galileo G-360BP portable telescope with backpack is lightweight enough to carry on your back for hikes, camping and trips to the beach and set up is quick and simple. Terrestrial viewing is extremely easy due to the included diagonal mirror which produces a totally erect image and finding your target is easy with its Altitude Azimuth yoke mount featuring a slow-motion altitude adjustment rod for precision adjustments and fully adjustable, pre-assembled metal tripod with retractable rubber feet. The Galileo G-360BP optical tube assembly features a 360mm focal length. The objective lens is a fully multi-coated 60mm two element achromat (color correct crown & flint) air spaced objective lens. The tube itself is aluminum, painted flat black internally, and fully baffled for excellent visual and CCD imaging. The finderscope is Galileo’s Mars’ Eye electronic Finderscope which helps by getting the observer behind the telescope without losing the surrounding field of view when targeting objects. Included with the G-360BP are a 1¼″ 6mm eyepiece (60X Power/Magnification) and a 1¼″ 20mm eyepiece (18X Power/Magnification).
Galileo G-360BP 360mm x 60mm Compact Portable Backpack Refractor Telescope

  • 360mm x 60mm Optical Tube Assembly
  • Heavy duty nylon backpack case with zipper
  • Altitude Azimuth Yoke Mount w/Slow Motion Altitude Adjustment Rod
  • Fully Adjustable, Pre-assembled Metal Tripod
  • Galileo Mars Eye Electronic Finderscope
  • 1¼″ Helical Rack & Pinion Focuser
  • 1¼″ 6mm Eyepiece
  • 1¼″ 20mm Eyepiece
Galileo G-360BP

M.S.R.P $ 179.95


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